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My Chosen Sis is NOT Her Name“Naomi”,Hair, Skin, Eye Color, Body…

❤️As We Continue Our Roadtrip of Life… May We Pack Within Our Inner Selves the Many Blessings of Now 💝Re:membering to Travel “Light” and Full of Excitement For Life in Each Moment 🏖️
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Please enjoy the blog below.🦋

My Chosen Sis is NOT Her Name“Naomi”,Hair, Skin, Eye Color, Body…

May 29, 2023


… nor age in “time”, or how beautiful on the outside she is. She is a beautiful light, connecting heart to heart ❤️through the energy of who we really are.🦋

When we spend time🌟 together, there’s really no place to go, nowhere to be except presently “Present” in the moment. Sharing one another’s energy through love💕, kindness, aboard our friend ship⛵️

We enjoy experiencing new moments whether it’s going to target, taking a walk or just sitting, sharing and laughing… not to mention karaoke 🎤and just plain having fun.💃🏼


So Much Fun
So Much Fun


🦋It is so beautiful, living the Now, joyfully🙏. We carry our energy with us no matter the experience we’re living. We can simply sit and have the same beautiful experience of enjoying the Now, the presence of the present moment, or activity filled with adventures. 

🦋Be🦋Coming much less about what you’re doing, more about who you are being.

🧘‍♀️So much more yet so much less labels, titles, things, possessions.  Amen


Kahn, Kennedy & Colt Living in the Moment Sharing “Time” Together
Kahn, Kennedy & Colt Living in the Moment Sharing “Time” Together


We at times put so much attention on the vehicle (body) we use to travel this beautiful Life’s play in, that we loose our self.  Yes, it is important to keep it tuned, clean, healthy, gassed up ( well… may be dangerous😂) yet careful that you don’t put all your time, emphasis on your means of travel therefore you miss out on truly living life. Truly Living the Moment🧘‍♀️ 

It’s like having a beautiful, well-maintained vehicle and leaving it parked in the garage never exploring this beautiful world.

When we come into this amazing play of life, we are born more connected with our spirit💫, less with our body and slowly it seems to reverse.  Why? 


Painting A Gift for Mom & Grandma
Painting A Gift for Mom & Grandma


Why do so many of us become so caught up and worried about our exterior, our body? 🦋It just seems to creep up on us, little by little.  

WE begin the cycle of competing with the other “bodies”. Often becoming fixated on, while dreading the acknowledgment, that our body will not last very long. 

Amnesia sets in slowly but surely,  eventually disconnecting and “forgetting” what we “knew” to be “Real” when we were born🦋 Who We Really Are.  

We begin to fear “death” of the “vehicle”, forgetting the knowingness that “our spirit” continues our journey.  Life is so full of Miracles, Awakenings.  


No Place to Be But Right Where They are Present Now
No Place to Be But Right Where They are Present Now


For my self, each Satori Awakening brings another breakthrough and I rejoice in so much gratitude, for my spiritual journey here on this beautiful Garden of Eden.

I know,  Ommmmmm…I do love me Satori Moments🦋. Opening more enjoyable space of Awareness and less of worry, stresses of keeping up with labels: you know, who you think you are suppose to be.

Journal Question: If you lost all the ”things”, job, possessions, home, money, degrees and even health, and you were left with you: Who among the “friends”, people you know, would be there with you, for you?


This Family Are Forever Connected Heart to Heart
This Family Are Forever Connected Heart to Heart


I am not suggesting you “need” anyone else to feel how beautiful it is when you are “Being” with your self ,nonattached.   Use this as an opportunity to bring you deeper into Awareness, to write and explore.  We are all connected… having soul to soul friends is a blessing! 

 I enjoy the opportunity to Journal.  I just found some journals from 2009 and shared as Cyndi and I facetimed today. When we are honest, we know the ones that would be there with us, for us.


🦋When we take away all our labels, titles and things… who are we? It’s almost like we have layers and layers of labels that we have chosen to hold onto, often stressing about obtaining more and not losing the titles we have attached our identity to. 🦋

Is there anything wrong with titles, accomplishments, “things”, experiences?  No not at all, unless our waking hours are mostly spent making sure that we do not “lose” them. 

💕Confusing the exterior for who we really are. Living (giving) our moments obsessing over how to add to and keep secure our identify. 🙏Or the identity we think we “are”.


 Exterior labels can be wonderful when “who we really are” playsthrough them, and we remember: while asking🦋 “Who Am I”?

Another Journal Question🧘‍♀️ Why do we compartmentalize people? What benefit do we, others, society receive putting people, places, things in boxes with labels? 

🦋Teaching our children is so important yet when we put a name on anything, we start focusing on the label, sign instead of experiencing as if for the first time. A bird, tree, flower, person.. 


🤷‍♀️Can you imagine going up to a sign that reads “beach” … and someone asked you if you went to the beach and you answered “yes”. They ask “did you enjoy the beach, beautiful isn’t it?” You replay, “Oh, it was like a 2 x 4 piece of wood, and it was painted nicely blue and black… but really not much to experience, write home about”.😀

So often when we label a bird, person, place, an event, we tend to not “see” them in the moment.  The name is the “pointer” …. We may also become caught up in comparisons. We “see” through our mind’s eye and not our heart’s ❤️mind space. 

We make the mistake of focusing on the “pointer” instead of allowing our awareness to be present to that which the pointer is pointing.  🌈😇


The Love Could Be Felt- AND she was petting Love🦋🐾🧘‍♀️
The Love Could Be Felt- AND she was petting Love🦋🐾🧘‍♀️


🦋Leave it to children to bring up conversations that will remind us how connected they are still to their own authenticity of who they are, who they really are. 🙏

I was so very blessed to once again enjoy Miranda’s 3 amazing grandchildren while they spent over a week with her here at the cottages in Cambria.  The joy of totally feeling the irrelevance of “time” and just living each precious “Now” fully. 

We share one another’s moments while they lovingly and enthusiastically, painted their mother and grandmother, a rock as well as a canvas for Mother’s Day🎁


It was amazing how our conversations would be beyond what most “grown ups” would talk about… We talked about how amazing rocks are. We discussed how each rock is different and questioning their journey here on earth 🌏 .  It was magical.  

All the different shapes of the rocks, and just possibly where they came from. From the oldest Kahn (13), Kennedy (8), to the youngest Colt (4). Do you know we spent a few hours each day (2 or 3 days) and it wasn’t till the end of the last day when they wanted to watch The Lorax, which I hadn’t seen in so long. 


We sat, layed and enjoyed our time, almost mesmerized, talking about the trees and mystery of nature. Where do we lose that loving awareness of life,  as we become adults? We start labeling things put them in boxes and forget, our choices DO make a difference!🦋🙏

So- Once again as we continue our roadtrip of life (in our awesome vehicle) may we rejoice in the knowingness that we will come to the end of our journey and hopefully filled with the peace that we simply leave our transportation and continue on to flight of eternity.  How beautiful is that?  🦋

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