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Diagnosed “autistic” but NOT who Grayson is: Kind Smart Fun..


And yes, very very loud and active

🥰And yes, Grayson does misbehave to get attention… he’s not particular, 🤔 positive attention or negative attention😂.  If ever he realizes he hurt you, he starts crying. He does not like knowing he has hurt someone❤️ hummmmmmm… 

What happens? Where do we lose that as we “grow up“ to “normal” people?  

 I feel when (if) we are honest, that statement above is true for all of us, some more than others.  Often, unconsciously 😜. And more often than not negative energy, attention. But ask🧘‍♀️, do you really enjoy getting attention through negative “means:ness”

We “all” fall into the “drama” ( some live there)  wanting  to “stir the pot” just a little bit🤔 Why?  Some, it’s a daily script… and they write it, produce, and play it often😩



Again, Why? 🤦‍♀️ I’ve given up even trying to imagine what is achieved, received from the drama of unkindness?  Could it possibly be about the boredom of what a more peace filled surrounding  provides? Unfamiliar, uncomfortable feeling of life’s moments surrounded, delivered through and in Love 💕.  

Uncomfortableness with calm peace filled energy surrounding🙏 adrenaline deficiency? Perhaps just simply unfamiliar, causing an addiction withdrawal of their drug of drama… need the fix that feeds their energy “hot in chaos“. 

Attached to past scripting, that just could be their next Oscar nomination “Drama Award” produced and acted and in many cases many reruns. 😩


Grayson’s new puppy Poppy🐾 Faith already her mama fur baby
Grayson’s new puppy Poppy🐾 Faith already her mama fur baby

Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived from the space, the ❤️ Heart’s Space, of LOVE 🙏. 

 Reminder🦋 The only “thing” that IS real IS LOVE❤️.  Everything else is our dress rehearsal of this play of life, an optical illusion 🧘‍♀️

So, yes, “diagnosed”  autistic, but NOT who Grayson is… 💙

Understanding the medical field needs to diagnose and label different conditions in our lives… but it doesn’t have to defined who we really are- ❤️🧡💛💚💙

I think we’re all pretty good at judging and diagnosing people, even those we don’t even know, yet we feel qualified to write the RX. 🦋 



Once again, I have said many times, “kind people are NOT mean”…  unhappiness blocks kindness…  The heart 💔is broken and when you’re broken inside, what comes out is the brokenness.  It may give a quick “authority” fix, but no one can convince me that they truly feel good when they choose fear (jealousy, anger etc ) 

We are all responsible for our happiness. We are the reason we’re happy and  the reason we’re not happy.  I Choose Love❤️. 

Just look at the miracle of life, take a moment, a breath, just feel from the heart space within, the mystery, the  beauty of life🦋



Grayson is five and cannot yet verbally speak words that my “me” understands. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be trying to communicate to us  “normal people”…and we are not getting it? 🤦‍♀️

For most of us, we are proficient on sharing words🦋 We even call it, communicating🤔… 

Yet, 🦋 at times still feel the “need” to be angry, justifying  yelling, blurting mean things. Where does that come from? 🙏What causes someone to feel it’s all right to attack someone else? To be unkind? Often using “words” to manipulate, to get attention, basically fearful, be it jealousy, anger, so many other emotions💔

Tell me once again, please…🧘‍♀️how can we feel at peace, in any justification, to label “autistic” into a box.  How could we put anybody into a box? 

Faith Loves to Smile 🐾😀🐾
Faith Loves to Smile 🐾😀🐾


Yeah, when you think about it, what a lot of people “feel” about autism, perhaps then most every single one of us should be in the box labeled Autistic.

And those of us “normal” people often are the most dysfunctional and we have a free license to be judge, jury and sentence unkindness.

At ”times” others standing by and watching it all play out. Yet someone as innocent as Grayson perhaps will get looks of “what the heck”, and frustration🤦‍♀️ because he is not “normal” in many of the learned muniputive ways of acting out and or communication skills. 

Grayson is forgiving from one moment to the next – living totally in the moment – he doesn’t sit and calculate something to do that is unkind to someone else to “stir the pot”.

Everyone of us could be put in a box with our own specific label – “ really sensitive, too emotional, headstrong, a pain in the ass” 😂😂😂- there wouldn’t be enough labels or boxes.


Chosen Sisters for over 30 years🦋 LOVE Naomi & Family
Chosen Sisters for over 30 years🦋 LOVE Naomi & Family


As kind humans, human beings in kindness, take a breath, we may have different “personalities” remembering  that our brothers and sisters are all different perhaps on the outside yet we are all the same within… We want to be Loved❤️

Doesn’t mean you have to get in toxic relationships by any means, “Love from a distance”. 

Labels aside, we are not everybody’s cup of tea and not everyone that I have met would I want to be in a relationship with, be a friendship or business… But by 🙏God’s Grace, I work on myself to at least Love, truly love them from a distance- We are connected as One- our inner child forever connected🦋

 I know with all my  ❤️, holding grudges and anger towards anyone can dis:ease my heart. Breathe and move through – LOVE from a distance.  



I just returned from a few days visit with my amazing grandson Grayson💙. I couldn’t walk past him without him saying “hi“. He would sit on my lap and allow me to hug and kiss on him, and he reciprocated fully. of course, I don’t have any judgment on what I feel is the correct amount for him to show me love. I let it be.

🦋 I was just sharing with a friend, we both love Ted Lasso, and I was saying that, for myself, I would not return to a movie or series that I did not enjoy the FIRST TIME. 

Why then would any one continue to play past movies from what we feel happened “to us”, over and over again, reruns in our mind? 🤦‍♀️Losing the preciousness of the moment in a past rerun of a movie that we absolutely do not enjoy being a part of. Or do we? Crazy huh?

Grayson may rewind and watch through his minds eye in a much different way than what “we feel” is normal. Who truly knows what is normal? He lives “now”🦋


Singing & Dancing our night away🦋Love my Cambria Sisters
Singing & Dancing our night away🦋Love my Cambria Sisters


🦋Believe me, I don’t want to be normal… I want to be me and enjoy every moment. Do I “fail” at times, you bet I do but my goodness I get back up, return to Who I Really Am, to my heart space, and what a beautiful blessing this life is.

I find Grayson living in the moment much more than most of us. In my heart ❤️ I know when we are living in the moment we are truly living . When he’s upset, we know he is upset. He shows love, through eye contact, and facial tenderness.  Is it frustrating at times, oh my goodness yes it is. But I can tell you most of us can be frustrating at times and some of us a lot of the time.😂



I love that little man so very much. I’m learning even more about myself and isn’t that what life is about. What you see in me I can see in you and vice versa. Don’t complain about the stone in another’s eye when you have a huge boulder in your own🧘‍♀️

 Grayson, to me, keeps my heart open, my mind active (that’s for sure) but most of the time, not always, I pull up my thoughts from my heart and not the judgment calls that I’ve heard in storage from past movies in my mind🦋

If we are unhappy in our life, WE are the reason. When we start realizing to quit pointing fingers at other people and start living this beautiful play of life, Satori Moments Awaken our hearts to rediscover Who We Really Are – and Life once again is Precious- so take this next moment, then the next and the next, and live it to the fullest- AMEN 🦋🙏


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