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Happy New Birth Smilin Rylan: Life to Flight🦋 & Beyond🦋FREE😇

Welcome!  🦋 Thank you so much for visiting, spending moments with “us”.  My name is Joni Kirby.  I am the blessed transcriber of inner messages “downloaded” to my heart’s space onto “paper” later to be published.  Title:  Satori Moments of Awakening.  My passion: a legacy that Life is Amazing and to be Lived in the Moment:  With all proceeds  going to Dr. Loh’s (Rylan’s Oncologist) towards T-Cell Pediatric Cancer Research.

Happy 6th Flight Day Rylan. 😇 Reminding us all once again, our body, our mind are not who we are; rather our vehicle for our Conscious Awareness to play on this beautiful screen of life. 🙏

Celebrating memories of Rylan’s physical yet keeping close in my Heart’s 💕space, the energy, spirit of my Superman😇.  The Heartstring that will forever connect us, Awareness the antenna.

I know for me, I often have to reintroduce my mind to my Heart. ❤️ I am very sensitive when my thoughts are from my mind and not filtered through my Heart space.  I do my best just be the observer and Presence.

😇 I welcome a replay of a movie from the past. Rylan’s body is playing and having so much fun. We are having fun.🥰 It’s a rerun movie and we appear on the screen of my Awareness.  I find that so incredible, time to pop some corn, relax and 😊 enjoy.

Something to contemplate; the Love ❤️ we feel for our family, friends (ourselves) is the same Love that we have within us for every body, living creature even the landscape. Make a cup of tea, relax, and even journal about.  When I feel the butterflies, they are not bias to what degree they flutter and fly throughout my body. It’s the Love within my Self tapping into the Love housed outside of my Self.  Love is Love.

The Love ❤️ we have within us is the Love ❤️ that’s connected to the everything. The feelings may not be seen, touched and there are no words to describe, yet always there waiting for us, with us. 🌟 Within the space, we once again connect and feel the inner happiness, present every single moment we tap into.

Playing Darrell's Doctor on one of our visits to see him at UCSF Children's Hospital.

Rylan did not play in this life through anyone’s handed down manuscript. 🦋 He played in moments with the consciousness of knowingness. 🦋 When you were present with him anywhere, everything became so alive, and we lived in the moment.

He did not live through the memory of his last chemo or his future planned bone marrow aspiration. 😇 He lived right in this moment and he lived in a deeper awakening than most of us will ever really get to know, yet it is within us waiting to be opened and received. 🙏

So, as this beautiful April Fools’ Day begins, perhaps around noon time in celebration of Rylan, break out a dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 🕺🏼  We would enjoy singing and dancing, well I was the back up singer/dancer.  Yep, my mind is rerunning a movie on my Screen of Awareness.  Rylan and I are rocking out!  Bald, short and cute as a button but in his costume he transformed into MJ.  Have fun and rock out!  Celebrate Life! 🌻 Love from my heart space to yours, always connected. 💕

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